School is back in session, and you know what that means… Busy days of school bus drop offs, pick-ups, running the kids from one place to another for sports or friends. Then there’s the homework, and don’t even get me started on the amount of homework parents end up doing with their kids.

In all of the chaos that comes with going back to school, it never fails that the only one who’s not worn out at the end of the day is the dog. Between making sure everything gets done and the few precious seconds parents get all to themselves, sometimes the dog doesn’t get the exercise they need.

This problem, at least for me, is twofold. My dog doesn’t get all the exercise he would really like, so then he’s bugging me the whole time I’m home wanting something to do.

Rucker Pet has several solutions:

1.Shank Bones

Shank BonesA customer once referred to these as her dog’s pacifiers. I rather like that analogy. Shank bones do a wonderful job of giving your dog something to do, calming them down, and keeping them quiet.

Shank bones are raw bones that still have the marrow inside the bone and some muscle meat attached to the outside of the bone. I know. It sounds gross, but it’s “a miracle” as another customer put it.

Give them to your dog on a crate pan bottom, on the deck outside, or on any other easily disinfected surface. Give the bone to your dog still frozen. Your dog will be chewing on this bone for at least 4 hours, so give them a good spot to hang out and chew while you cook dinner, help with homework, or watch that guilty pleasure TV show.

If you want to only give the shank bone as a snack for an hour or two and then take it away (recommended for small dogs), you can put the bone in a ziplock freezer bag and back into the freezer until the next time you need some peace and quiet.

In addition to providing your dog something to do, shank bones work like toothbrushes. As your dog chews, the raw bone cleans their teeth.

2. Swim Time at the Pool

rucker-pool-sideThe Keith Bridge location has a permanent pet pool that is open spring, summer, and fall. If your dog likes to swim, you can bring them to swim for an hour. Swimming can help wear your dog out faster than throwing a ball, but if you want them to really swim… toy motivation is key. You can find out more about how to gain and use toy motivation by clicking here.

Here in the South, August is still brutal summer weather. We are all wanting to escape the heat. The really nice thing about the Rucker Pet Pool is the kids and the dog can swim together and cool off. When we go home, everyone is ready for a nap!

If you want to find out more about bringing your dog to the pool, you can click here.

3. Tether Tug

tether tug

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If your dog has a lot of pent up energy and loves to play tug of war, the Tether Tug is your answer. It comes in three different sizes, so it can fit every size dog.

The tether tug is a pole that is put into the ground (in a manner similar to how you would put a beach umbrella in the sand on vacation). At the top of the pole is a rope that hangs down. All you have to do is show your dog where to grab on; then watch them go to town tugging and wearing themselves out!