The dogs coming in the store lately all have one thing in common; they are all shedding! The temperatures are dropping. Shouldn’t all the dogs be growing MORE hair, not shedding it all off?

A dog’s winter coat and summer coat are actually very different. They don’t just grow more hair for the winter. They grow all new hair! So what can you do to keep your house from becoming a scene in an old western movie with balls of hair rolling across the floor?

1.Omega Fish Oil

Stop by and grab some Nordic Naturals fish oil. This supplement is a high-quality and readily digestible form of Omega-3s. Omega-3s do a variety of functions in our pet’s bodies, but they especially work wonders on our pet’s skin and coat. In addition to making them smooth and shiny, they greatly reduce shedding.

2. Regular Brushing

This suggestion may seem obvious to you, but if you could brush your dog more than once a week, you’d be amazed at the change. Instead of having hairs stick to your fingers every time you go to pet your dog, regular brushing will keep petting your dog a pleasant and hairless process. (My goal is to retire the lint roller at my house). If time is a big constraint for you, you can always bring your dog in for a thorough bath and deshedding at one of our Grooming Salons, located at both the Keith Bridge and Bethelview stores.

3. Don’t forget the Cat!

I may have two long-haired dogs, but I think my little bitty cat sheds twice as much as my two dogs combined! It can be hard to brush a cat. They are not always fond of you taking a metal brush down their back, but now there are more options than that traditional old brush. My favorite is the Love Glove. You put this mitt on your hand, and simply stroke your cat with it. The glove gently removes all excess dirt, debris, and hair on your cat.